Obtaining a Special Issuance Medical Certificate from the FAA

There are certain medical and psychological conditions that have the potential to interfere with an airman’s or air traffic controller’s ability to safely conduct the responsibilities of their position. Therefore, the FAA may request a neuropsychological evaluation to further evaluate the potential for problems related to various medical or psychological issues. A list of these conditions can be obtained from faa.gov.

An FAA neuropsychological evaluation is meant to objectively assess the airman’s cognitive and psychological functioning to ensure that there are no issues that can pose a risk to the safety of the airman and passengers.

Typically, the process begins by receiving a notification letter from the FAA indicating the need for a neuropsychological evaluation. At this point, you and your AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) must find a neuropsychologist who is qualified to perform the evaluation using the standardized protocols set forth by the FAA.